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July 29, 2009 Episode

Nathan P. Butler (a professional educator with eight years of classroom teaching experience) is today's featured guest.

Topics: now that the flood gates of information are open wide (sometimes referred to as the Internet) we are all swimming in information so deep we can't see the bottom.  How this info-flood has changed schools and teaching and students and teachers and homework--even changed what is taught and how it is taught. The struggles teachers face in keeping up with these changes; the struggles students face in an always-online world; the rising importance of context over content; and the mixed bag of good and bad results from all this change.

Hosted by Stephen Euin Cobb, this is the July 29, 2009 episode of The Future And You. [Running time: 40 minutes]

Nathan P. Butler holds a 'Masters in Education with a Specialization in Integrating Technology in the Classroom.' He is also a groundbreaking podcaster, having been a podcaster years before podcasting had a name or a standardized means of distribution. He is also a mover and shaker in Star Wars Fandom through his work with ChronoRadio and StarWarsFanworks, and for having written an exhaustive thousand-page-long chronology of the Star Wars universe which is titled Star Wars Timeline Gold.


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