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The Future And You -- April 11, 2012

Paul Fischer (digital network engineer) is our featured guest.

Topics: Fun, Interesting and Cool Stuff (but no future or computer security). For example: Beer (especially high-end micro-brews), BaltiCon and the BaltiCon Podcast, The one time your host accidentally visited a Brothel, the time your host's high school chemistry teacher showed the class how to make wine, and the world's simplest method for distilling wine into hard liquor. 

Bonus: After you have listened to this episode you will know how to make all the wine you want at home using materials anyone can buy at any food store. You will also know how to distill any wine you make into hard liquor without effort over a period of eight hours using only devices you already own--a method which uses no heat, no fire and no evaporation.  

Hosted by Stephen Euin Cobb, this is the April 11, 2012 episode of The Future And You. [Running time: 35 minutes]. This is the final part of an interview recorded using Skype on March 3, 2012.

Paul Fischer is a digital network engineer. In his spare time (teamed with his wife, Martha Holloway) he organizes the new media track at the science fiction convention Balticon; produces the Balticon Podcast; and has several times served as judge for the annual Parsec Awards which are given for Excellence in Podcasting.

News Item: Google Glasses (augmented reality glasses) are scheduled to become publicly available before the end of 2012. (As per an article in the NY Times dated Feb 21, 2012 written by Nick Bilton.)

Announcement: Bones Burnt Black (the FREE audio book) took the #1 position on the list of "Today's Top Subscriptions" at on April 9, and simultaneously took the #2 position on their list of "Most Popular Books by Number of Subscriptions in the Last 30 Days."

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