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The Future And You -- Jan 5, 2011

Stephen Euin Cobb (author, futurist, magazine writer--and your host) is today's featured guest.

Topics: News and commentary on a number of future oriented topics--such as: mapping all the connections of the brain; Intel's prediction of a thousand core consumer CPU; human embryos which have three parents instead of two; printing new organs inside the body during surgery; new estimates of when we can expect solar cells to replace all power plants currently burning coal, oil or natural gas; and what your host thinks the Chinese plan to do in space, and why this is likely to spark a new and totally different kind of space race.

Hosted by Stephen Euin Cobb, this is the January 5, 2011 episode of The Future And You. [Running time: 40 minutes]

Stephen Euin Cobb is an author, futurist and host of the award-winning podcast The Future and You. He was a columnist and contributing editor for Jim Baen's Universe Magazine for three years; and has written for Robot Magazine, H+ Magazine and Grim Couture Magazine. He is also a game designer, artist, essayist, transhumanist, and is on the Advisory Board of The Lifeboat Foundation.

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