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The Future And You--March 23, 2016

Topics: DARPA is offering up to $130,000 to anyone who comes up with a great new improvised weapon; General Mills will begin labeling their many foods which contain GMOs; vehicles that talk to one another may eliminate the need for traffic lights; Amazon is trying to patent a payment method based on you taking a photo of your face; Americans think robots will take away human jobs, but not their job; ancient Humans interbred with other early hominids besides neanderthals; new discoveries about how remarkably dynamic Pluto is; and scientists have created stem cells with only one half the normal human genome.

Hosted by Stephen Euin Cobb, this is the March 16, 2016 episode of The Future And You. [Running time: 32 minutes]

Stephen Euin Cobb has interviewed over 350 people for his work as an author, futurist, magazine writer, ghostwriter, and award-winning podcaster. A contributing editor for Space and Time Magazine; he has also been a regular contributor for Robot, H+, Grim Couture and Port Iris magazines; and he spent three years as a columnist and contributing editor for Jim Baen's Universe Magazine. For the last ten years he has produced a weekly podcast, The Future And You, which explores (through interviews, panel discussions and commentary) all the ways the future will be different from today. He is an artist, essayist, game designer, transhumanist, and is on the Advisory Board of The Lifeboat Foundation. Stephen is the author of an ebook about the future entitled: Indistinguishable from Magic: Predictions of Revolutionary Future Science.

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