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The Future And You--May 22, 2013

Stephen Euin Cobb (author and futurist) is today's speaker.

Topics: Future trends as depicted on the TV show Continuum; grid parity of photovoltaics across America as depicted on a Solar Equivalency Interactive Map; my intentions to Invest in Photovoltaics over the next two to four years; a warning that the price of stock in solar companies will likely suffer from a series bubbles of ever increasing size over the next few years, each one followed by a crash; a clever invention called Gravity Light; Oculus Rift (a Virtual Reality display device which will be available this summer) and its use by Jimmy Fallon; and a little robot with big gooey feet.

Also: a brief prediction from Jose Cordeiro (founder of the World Future Society's Venezuela Chapter, chair of The Millennium Project Venezuela Node, and faculty member of Singularity University).

Hosted by Stephen Euin Cobb, this is the May 22, 2013 episode of The Future And You. [Running time: 30 minutes]

Stephen Euin Cobb is an author, futurist, magazine writer and host of the award-winning podcast The Future And You. A contributing editor for Space and Time Magazine; he is also a regular contributor for Robot, H+, Grim Couture and Port Iris magazines; and he spent three years as a columnist and contributing editor for Jim Baen's Universe Magazine. He is an artist, essayist, game designer, transhumanist, and is on the Advisory Board of The Lifeboat Foundation. His novels include Bones Burnt BlackPlague at Redhook and Skinbrain.

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