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The Future And You -- November 9, 2011

Richard Buxton (a screenwriter and film student in London) is our featured guest.

Topic: Trends in movies and the movie making industry.

Richard Buxton studied Fine Art at Central St Martins in London, and completed an MA in Production Design for Film & TV at Kingston University. Currently he is working toward a Film Making Degree at SAE Institute London with an emphasis in screenwriting. Part of that work will be his thesis which concerns the effect which science fiction films have had on society. He writes for Tracksounds (a website dedicated to film scores) and has appeared on Soundcast (a podcast of interviews and commentary about film scores).

Hosted by Stephen Euin Cobb, this is the November 9, 2011 episode of The Future And You. [Running time: 28 minutes]. This is the second half of an interview recorded using Skype on October 15, 2011.  

News Items: [1] DARPA plans to put 1,000 3-D printers (rapid fabrication devices) into high schools across the United States as a way to encourage American young people to go into engineering and particularly manufacturing, and to help high schoolers build STEM skills. [2] A Georgia Tech team has received a $3 million grant to explore how bacteria interact on a molecular level to form networks. The research may one day guide the design of nanodevices able to communicate with one another and accomplish tasks at the nanolevel of one billionth of a meter in size, which could lead to future breakthroughs in nanorobotics. [3] Military personal, academics, and diplomats met in Virginia October 25-28 for Unified Quest, a seminar war game to explore the geostrategic environment of the future. “The purpose of this symposium is about plausible strategic landscapes,” said Col. Kevin Felix, director of the Army’s Future Warfare Division. “The four working groups were given wide latitude to work towards 2028, and it was about bringing in the right folks.”

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