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Part 3 of Bones Burnt Black by Stephen Euin Cobb

This is the third of ten weekly instalments which will contain the complete text of the science fiction thriller Bones Burnt Black.

Plot: A methodical serial killer sabotages a large commercial spacecraft's engines to keep it on a trajectory to burn up in the sun, and then remains aboard the craft to murder and torment its passengers and crew.

This audio-book (read by the author, and being released in ten parts over a ten week period) will contain the complete text of the original paperback version (which was published and copyrighted 2004).

These audio files are released under the Creative Commons--noncommercial, no derivative works--2.5 license, which may be viewed at Briefly, this means you may--indeed you are encouraged to--copy these audio files as many times as you wish, and give them away to as many people as you wish. But you may not copy only a portion of any one audio file, you may not charge anyone any amount of money for them, and you may not use any portion of them to make something new.

If you enjoy this book please share it with a friend.

Thank you.

Stephen Euin Cobb

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